Garden Making 32 – Garden Solutions

We have solutions to challenges you might face in your garden as well as suggestions for new perennials, shrubs and groundcovers.




What challenges do you face in your garden? Looking for some suggestions for new perennials, shrubs and groundcovers? Find the solution you need in the “Garden Solutions” issue.

We pose a series of questions to Garden Making Guest Editor Stephen Westcott-Gratton, who provides a range of plants that are a good fit for particular situations. Some of the scenarios:

I need more colour in early spring (more petals, more colour…)
What are a few easy-to-grow shrubs for a small space?
What are some under-appreciated perennials I should try?
The six sections in the issue cover:

  • Spring colour
  • Tried-and-true perennials
  • Compact shrubs
  • Shade plants
  • Blue flowers
  • Evergreen groundcover

Issue No. 32 is the final print issue of Garden Making magazine.

Published March 2018

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