Garden Making 16 – Design: Fabulous Foliage

Foliage is the focus. Articles and photos about grey and silver plants, ferns and fancy-leaved begonias.

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Foliage is the focus. The design package includes articles about fancy-leaf begonias, plants with silver foliage and hardy ferns. You’ll also discover design ideas from features about Japanese-style gardens, three urban front-yard gardens and the best ways to light your landscape at night.

Our cover features a stunning urn planted and styled for Garden Making by Paul Zammit, the Nancy Eaton director of horticulture at Toronto Botanical Garden.

In this issue, there are 36 pages on garden design as well as:

  • The cross-country roundup of public gardens by Lorraine Flanigan, who toured Canada’s Garden Route by VIA Rail for us this summer. In the 12 pages you’ll find recommendations on what to see and do at each gardens. If you’ve not been travelling to visit gardens before, we’re tempting you to plan a trip. You should also check out Lorraine’s online posts and videos from the tour.
  • Plant Portrait: Astilbes, an easygoing perennial.
  • Incredible Edibles: Growing sprouts, a good project for winter and fun for children.
  • Gardener’s Notebook items about botanical art, the popularity of fairy gardens, how worms damage forests and much more.

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Published November 2013.