Garden Making 02 – Big, bold roses

Big, bold roses are featured in Garden Making issue No. 2.

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Big, bold roses are featured in Garden Making issue No. 2.

More than 70 pages of useful articles and inspiring photos includes:

Plants & Gardens

The best big, bold roses

Dry & Shady: a double whammy

Garden Profile: A hidden garden, just for herself, in North Augusta, Ont.


Garden Profile: A growing legacy in Southampton, Ont

Techniques & Advice

Weather & Climate: Soil temperature

DIY Pros & Cons: Building pathways and walkways

Plant-buying tips

Incredible Edibles

Find your inner farmer: make a new vegetable bed


Unusual veggies: gnarly but good


Also in this issue

Gardeners Notebook

Guest Column: Aldona Satterthwaite bids adieu to her Garden Making Worth The Drive: Nova Scotia specialty nurseries

You Asked Us: lawn weeds and hardy bananas

Gardening Seminar: Outsmart your weeds

Sustainable Gardening: Growth enhancers

The Potted Garden: Planting window boxes

Book Excerpt: Grow Great Grub

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Published May 2010.